Ebola Making A Comeback, 3 Dead In Congo


Three people have died from an Ebola outbreak in a remote northern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as health officials travel to the central African country in response to a rising number of suspected cases, the World Health Organization says.

Last week, WHO reported one Ebola-related death and the possibility of two others. On Saturday, the organization confirmed the other two deaths were also Ebola-related.
The first case, which came April 22, involved a 45-year-old man. The taxi driver who took the man to the hospital and a person who cared for the man both became sick and later died, WHO said.

All three deaths came in the Likati health district of Bas-Uele province, which borders the Central African Republic.

Bas-Uele province, with a population of 900,000 in 2007, is mostly inhabited by the Boa tribe, which subsists through farming and hunting and conducts some trade by way of the Uele River.

Health officials are investigating 17 other suspected cases, Dr. Ernest Dabire, WHO’s health cluster coordinator, said Sunday in Kinshasa. He further estimated that 125 people had been linked to the confirmed Ebola cases and urged the public to be vigilant and visit their doctor if they experience fever or other symptoms. Read more at CNN.



  1. Could this Ebola outbreak also be due to those evil Anti Vaxxers??? I used the term outbreak as opposed to the World Health Organization use of the word epidemic. It is not just a semantic difference. When the WHO declares an epidemic for any disease it enables massive amounts of money to be spent and also opens up the way for civil rights to be abrogated in order to “fight” the contagion. They employed this tactic during the fake H1N1 swine flu scare of 2009 where they declared a “Pandemic” resulting in world governments being forced to spend 10s of billions of dollars on swine flu vaccine. Of course they tried to be quiet about the fact that the people on their panel who voted to declare the 2009 pandemic were employed by the vaccine makers. Most likely the Ebola scare propaganda in the media is aimed at acclimating people to accepting a future Ebola vaccine just as they are doing with Zika as well as the ability of the government to coerce people into getting vaccines.

  2. Yes. Calling this a pandonic gives research facilities more money for research – so if Chas vshalom an outbreak wiuls occur – it would not wipe off two thirds of the world.

    I really don’t understand people like you.

    There is no way you have a college education.

    I hope you are a troll.

  3. As Ebola is transmitted via direct contact with body fluids and not via the air, it is not capable of wiping out 2/3rds of the planet. This is why previous outbreaks and epidemics have been self limiting. It is simply not a very contagious disease. Most of the people who caught it were either medical workers who were not appropriately garbed, or people in Africa who did not follow protective measures when burying their dead who had expired from this disease. Of course if some government or lunatic scientist or terrorist group finds a way to genetically engineer the Ebola virus in such a way so as to make it transmissible via aerosolization while maintaining it’s lethality, then you would have a problem. I am not a Troll and I do not get paid to post anti vaccine comments. However there are many paid trolls and bots from the pharmaceutical industry that attempt to counter any negative comment about them online including in social media.This is also true about the agra chemical and bio engineering industry like Monsanto. They employ an army of paid trolls to discredit any scientist or member of the public who questions the safety of their products. They also fund a slew of phony non profits to tout the safety of their products and attack dissenters.We see the same from George Soros who funds a long list of “non profits” that promote his agenda. Really it is time to get rid of a lot of these phony non profit orgs and NGOs.They are a blight on humanity.


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