Ex-DNC Chair Reveals How Clinton ‘Rigged’ Dem Primary


Donna Brazile, former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, said Hillary Clinton gained control of the political party before she won the presidential nomination in an effort to squeeze out Bernie Sanders.

Brazile said she discovered that Clinton had entered into a secret agreement with the Hillary Victory Fund, Hillary for America and the cash-strapped DNC that in exchange for raising funds, Clinton “​would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”

​”I told Bernie I had found Hillary’s Joint Fundraising Agreement. I explained that the cancer was that she had exerted this control of the party long before she became its nominee,” Brazile told the NY POST. “Had I known this, I never would have accepted the interim chair position, but here we were with only weeks before the election.”

Brazile’s book, “The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House,” will be published Nov. 7. Read more at the NY POST.



  1. Ha, and this lady worked for Al Gore. Interesting.
    I’m curious to see how Team Clinton will repond to these accusations. They have to be veeeeeeerrry careful. If they attack her personally, they will be accused of RACISM! Team Clinton is in a serious quandary. Now, with the rise of Frederica Wilson, the new black media darling, criticizing black women is a no no. I just love it. I love when Liberals get a taste of their own medicine! This is just too good to be true.


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