Feds Buying 100,000 Pairs of Underwear For Illegals


illegalsThe Department of Homeland Security, which has been stripping Border Patrol agents of their rifles without replacement, is buying nearly 100,000 pairs of underwear for illegals.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, a division of DHS, announced today it is seeking a company that can provide a wide variety of undergarments in various sizes for boys, girls, and women.

“If your company can provide the product/services listed on the solicitation and comply with all of the solicitation instructions, please respond to this notice,” the announcement reads.

The sizes requested range from extra tiny to super large and the overall order is massive enough to accommodate nearly the entire population of Boulder, Colorado.

The request for boys’ underwear in particular alludes to the sudden surge of border crossings by gang members, which the Border Patrol said has increased by 100%.

ICE made a similar purchase only five months ago when the agency purchased 42,000 pairs of men’s underwear.

“We have to accommodate all varieties of sizes since we encounter a global population,” ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told the New York Post.

But DHS isn’t as accommodating to its own Border Patrol agents; the agency is currently removing service rifles from Border Patrol arsenals, forcing agents to share whatever firearms they have left.

“Some of the inspected M4 carbines were deemed unserviceable and removed from inventory to alleviate safety concerns,” states a press release from DHS’s Customs and Border Protection. “Inspections will continue to ensure the unserviceable M4 carbines are repaired or replaced for reintroduction into the field.”

The agency has been slow to replace those rifles, however.

“There’s a lot of agents that are pretty upset over it,” the president of the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector union, Art del Cueto, told KRGV. “We know it’s a dangerous job; we know what we signed on for but we want to have as much of the equipment as we need to perform the job.”

And because shared rifles cannot be sighted in properly for every individual agent, Border Patrol agents could easily miss their shots during a gun battle, putting their lives – and the lives of innocent bystanders – in danger.

But illegals, on the other hand, won’t be in danger of having to wear improperly-fitting underwear during their stay at a DHS facility.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Jews should not be anti immigrants you should be careful about your reports, because if you use your senses you will realize that if you arrest someone he cant wear the same clothing forever….

    Jews are immigrants do not be a hypocrite!

  2. Why does the USA have to provide underwear for illegal aliens or for anybody for that matter? It is not a charity organization. Why stop at underwear? what about shoes, shirts, pants etc.? I just don’t get it. Does the USA have some kind of deal with Fruit of the Loom, or Hanes?

  3. It is irresponsible to call yourselves conservatives or liberals to justify your opinions. This is a humanitarian issue and we have lots of experience with our humanitarian suffering that at is terrible tragic time was in the eyes of the world a “conservative versus liberal issue”. Emotional and fashionable political outburst look for issues to be vociferous about. Here is just a simple reality people that are going through due process have to wear clean underwear much the same as in any incarcerated person deserves dignity and humanity.
    I feel ashamed of Jews that are more in par with politics than with Torah attitudes!


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