Ferguson Protests Hit Black Friday Sales


ferguson-black-fridayLooking for a new tactic to demonstrate their anger, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, started targeting Black Friday sales at big-box retailers. Some protesters started inside a Wal-Mart in another nearby town, chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” to shoppers walking by.

After police broke them up, they moved on to a Target store for a similar protest. Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}

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  1. After all these protests and destruction they want anyone to feel bad for this Brown guy? (pun intended).
    Anyone that sees their protests and mishugas will wish Brown’s fate on all thees vilde chayis!!

  2. Actually, they are only making fools of themselves. They protest and destroy property of people who have nothing to do with the verdict whatsover and cannot do anything about it. They show that they do not understand the rule of law, even when the judgement is absolutely wrong, but was determined lawfully. In that case, there are safeguards built into the legal system to be used. They act as if they know the decision was wrong, but have no proof of this, nor do they seek proof. They just want to terrorize and pretend that they deserve preferential, not only fair by any means, treatment.

  3. Communists want to destroy the US and free enterprise. They don’t care how many black merchants or employees are put out of business.

  4. Heavy-duty arresting, heavy-duty baii; (Where will the ACLU and ACORn be on this?); no recreation prison cells; felony offense charges, rap sheets a mile long….Our only defense is a very strong offense, NOW.


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