From Joy to Mourning: Rav Eliyahu Dabush zt”l


candle-small6 Tragedy struck last night in Yerushalayim, as Rav Eliyahu Dabush, head of Mosdos Alkabetz in Tzefas, was niftar at the engagement celebration of his son in Ramot. The tragic incident happened around 10 o’clock, when Ichud Hatzolah was called to the Ramot neighborhood of Yerushalayim after Rav Dovush suffered a heart attack. Magan Dovid Adom personnel joined in the efforts to resuscitate Rav Dabush, but were not successful. MDA personnel began the transfer of Rav Dovush to the hospital, but he was niftar on the way.

Upon receipt of the news in Tzefas, family and friends were in a state of shock.

Rav Dabush, who was 57, leaves behind 11 children.

Yehi zichro boruch.

 {Yair Israel}


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