Gingrich: Hillary ‘Virtually Unbeatable’ in 2016


gingrichIf Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decides to run for president in 2016, it’d be “virtually impossible” for any Democrat to beat her for the Democratic nomination, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said this week.

Also appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Bloomberg News Chief White House Correspondent Julianna Goldman agreed, predicting that if Clinton runs, she “clears the field” — although expect other Democrats such as Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer to “test the waters.”

“No doubt about it,” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said of a 2016 Clinton presidential bid. “The reason it’s easy for you to get Democratic insiders to say she’s absolutely

But Gingrich, who himself sought the Republican presidential nomination this year, added one note of caution: “I thought she was frankly going to be the nominee in ’08.”

Gingrich, with a smile, also suggested that if Clinton won the Democratic presidential nomination, she could conceivably face off against former Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – a contest that would serve as a family rematch of the 1992 presidential election, in which Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush.


{ Newscenter}


  1. It’s all media hysteria. My view is she is not going to run and even if she does, there will be other democrats in the race too that will take the nomination. Look if she couldn’t win in 2008, why is 20016 any easier for her?


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