GOP Rep. Rohrabacher: Assange Says He Has Proof Russia Didn’t Hack DNC


Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for three hours in London Wednesday and said the controversial document leaker claims to have proof Russia was not behind the Democratic National Committee email hacks.

“He reaffirmed his aggressive denial that the Russians had anything to do with the hacking of the DNC during the election,” Rohrabacher told the Orange County Register about meeting with Assange. “He has given us a lot of information. He said there’s more to come. We don’t have the entire picture yet.”

Rohrabacher added that he believes the information Assange shared with him “will have an earth-shattering political impact.” Read more here.







  1. Most likely it was Seth Rich behind it. He’s the one on the Clinton Body Count murdered by a “botched robbery”, according to police, where they didn’t take anything from him just killed him according to orders from his “superiors”.

    Mr Assange, you’re playing with fire. Are you ready to get suicided with 2 shots in your head and the 118th (119th) on Clinton’s Body Count?


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