Hamas Demands PA Prime Minister Resign Amid Crumbling Palestinian Unity Deal


The Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group Hamas on Sunday called on Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah to change his policy towards Hamas or resign.

In a statement, Hamas affirmed that the PA has assumed control over Gaza as part of an Egyptian-brokered Palestinian unity deal, but that punitive measures implemented by the PA in the coastal territory remain and that deep divisions still exist between the rival Palestinian factions.

Hamas also accused the PA of failing to protect Palestinian residents of Judea and Samaria, acting against Palestinian “resistance” and failing to protect Jerusalem from Israel’s “Judaization” of the city.

“In light of this, we demand that the Hamdallah government fully fulfill its obligations and responsibilities, first and foremost to lift the unjust punishment against our people in Gaza or alternatively resign and form a national rescue government,” stated Hamas.

The power transfer in Gaza from Hamas to the PA was scheduled to be implemented Dec. 1, but was delayed by 10 days on Nov. 29 after Hamas prevented PA employees from returning to their positions at several government ministries.

Fatah and Hamas requested that Egypt delay the power transfer to allow the Palestinian rivals to “complete the arrangements to successfully conclude reconciliation steps,” prompting Egypt to send high-ranking intelligence officials to Gaza to mediate the impasse.




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