Hannity: ‘Huge, Massive Blow-Up’ for Clintons Coming Soon



Bill and Hillary Clinton can expect a big story they aren’t going to like to hit the media, possibly as early as Thursday, Sean Hannity said Wednesday on his syndicated radio show.

“I have sources, and I am telling you that maybe even as early as tomorrow there is going to be a huge, massive blow-up for the Clintons,” Hannity told his audience. “You might hear this figure: $100 million. And you might hear a country that is named Iran. That’s all I’m going to say now. Stay tuned.”

The former president and former senator and secretary of state are the subject of a soon-to-be-released book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, which claims to tie foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation to favorable treatment by the Clintons during Hillary Clinton’s four years at the State Department.

Hannity did not say whether the story he referenced was related to the book’s findings, but referenced possible Clinton Democratic rival Lincoln Chafee telling the New York Post that he was concerned about reports in Schweizer’s book.

Chafee said the Clintons “have a long history of gray areas on ethics,” Hannity said, “And he said if there are substantiated links between actions as secretary of state and donations that’s going to be a huge issue for her.”

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  1. NOTHING will matter! It is Hillary’s turn and the media will make sure that she is anointed AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE!


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