Highway Patrol to Supervise in Ferguson


missouri-policeThe Missouri State Highway Patrol will take over security duties in Ferguson, where protests over the death of unarmed teen Mike Brown turned violent this week.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced this afternoon that security will be overseen by the Highway Patrol’s Capt. Ron Johnson, who is African-American and says he grew up in the community.

“We need to break the cycle of violence…and build trust,” Johnson said during the news conference. Nixon, for his part, acknowledged the town in recent days “looked like a war zone and that is unacceptable.” Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I’ve been out of the news loop so if this happened, fantastic. But I would love to see some African American multigazillionaire give this speech:
    “I will forever be haunted by the soundbites of Mike Brown’s mother over how hard it was to keep her son a good path. And I sincerely hope we will find out answers and justice will be served.
    “But in memorium of Mike Brown, I would like to establish a scholarship fund to send promising young students to college or vocational school. I would like to study what Mike’s mother did and set up programs to duplicate it. I invite contributions and will help communities set up their own funds to motivate their children.
    “Because the greatest revenge for this young man’s death will be if in another generation we won’t have to hear mothers mourn how hard it was to get their children to the point where Mike Brown was.”

  2. noch amol hab’n zay alles FERGUSON. is a chronic, possibly irreversible condition, one of the litany of Ferguson diseases.


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