Israel Defense Forces Turn Three Finger Symbol Against Hamas


three-fingers-kidnappingThe Israel Defense Forces have taken on a Hamas propaganda symbol, spinning the group’s three-finger salute used to gloat over the kidnapping of three Israeli teens eight days ago, to now insult the honor of the armed terror group.

On Friday, blogger Elder of Ziyon republished an image released on Twitter by Avichay Adaraee, an Arabic spokesman for the IDF, that became a story published in the Palestine Press on Thursday.

The blogger posted the image, with captions translated from the Arabic. Along the three fingers, it reads, ‘Oppression,’ ‘Terror’ and ‘Autocracy.’ The irony is that ‘Citizen’ is written on the pinky finger and ‘Hamas’ on the thumb that’s holding it down. The caption reads: “Their victories are only in slogans.”

When Adaraee sent the Tweet, he also included Quranic verses with the photo, from Sura 83: “Woe to those who give less [than due], who, when they take a measure from people, take in full, but if they give by measure or by weight to them, they cause loss.”

On the Elder of Ziyon site, commenter IronyDome wrote: “Brilliant! Finally someone shoved that dumb salute back in their faces. Mazel tov!”

The three-finger salute, referred to in Arab social media as the “three-Shalit” salute, to make the connection that the three kidnapped teens are in the same situation as IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped by Hamas and released after five years in captivity, in exchange for 1,027 prisoners in Israeli jails.

Some of the images used to support the salute include masked men dressed up as TV-quality kidnappers, with three teens, with bags over their heads, and cartoons with a large and powerful terrorist mocking the small and weak Israel.

While many of the photos were taken over the past week to show solidarity with Hamas, there was some element of confusion because some photos referred to in the press had been taken as long as a year before the kidnapping.

According to Daniel Roth at The Forward, the three-finger symbol was popularized last year by amateur singer Mohammed Assaf, who was featured on television’s ‘Arab Idol,’ where he was contestant number three and could win if people remembered his number and called in to vote.

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  1. Just because the Arab is violent does not mean that human kind is going to be his intercessor. Ultimately, Israel is the future of Torah and the world is true for only its purpose of creation- to give Torah to Humanity and humanity to Torah.

    So if you want your three finger salute, you can have your robes without their contained honor. Israel does not bring about hate for the sake of insipid pain and pain for insipid hate. Israel keeps the values of Torah.

    Next of kin? I hear your name being called by your arab contemporaries.

    Never Again.

  2. What’s your meaning of “never again”?

    Do you mean you’re in control?

    or, do you fancy yourself bossing around the ???? ???? ?

  3. You are a criminal. Never Again is a voice that says we will not permit another holocaust. Are you not aware of the severity of the situation. If my words are powerful enough to remove your worry for a minute about your luxury hotel in the sand somewhere, maybe you can limit your hate and give charity instead of addressing the jews who speak out for righteous measures as being “Self Transient Happiness against your Divine Betterment of Hate”. Good luck. Torah is not a voice of insolvent fear of your own gratuity for human kind.

    And to your holocaust against Torah, I say Never Again again. Good luck in your future.

  4. I wrote “Never Again” three more times in my memoirs today. Now when I want to be a jew and remember the most horrific act of hate against the existence of Israel and humanity ever, I will now as a result of the aboce voice of hate against a jewish feeling always feel reconstituted in my fear of Hashem because there is now clearly a movement started in Israel none the less that asks the innocent to stop their cries of horror at the events of the past so that the ‘fresh’ feelings of an easier life can be assigned in total silence for the horrors of the past.

    Ultimately, we are not deadly hopes for our continued existence as Children of Israel. I am appalled that I can not remember the holocaust without being captured for my own unhappiness and thrown aside for someone else’s hate and fear of ducking out of human mention.

    This is fractured hope and a new holocaust against Israel and any sentiment of future dreams.

    There are billions who would still remove Israel from humanity and remove humanity from tomorrow and the above and perhaps else individuals criticize the right for justicen human attribute.

    Very scary.

    I will try to indeed remain a servant of Hashem as that was why Jacob was created.

    Can I write Never Again in the future anywhere?

    How horrible.

    Help us Hashem. We do not even know your ways. And we should all have Torah.

    Disgustingly disgustingly.

    Worry for your future in this era.

    This means the holocaust may be reenacted in a less brokered world of reform tastes in eras of hopefully orthodox futures.

    Woven hope for dreams is too absurd for the reality of a war for hope.


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