Israel Prevents UNESCO Team From Visiting Chevron Ahead Of Vote


Israel has refused to allow a team from UNESCO to visit Chevron ahead of a vote on whether to include the Old City to its World Heritage List as a protected site in the “State of Palestine,” the Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday.

The Old City, including the Meoras Hamachpelah, is one of a number of locations that UNESCO (United Nations Science and Educational Organization) is due to vote on at its meeting in Poland, July 2-12.

Claiming that the site is endangered, the Palestinian Authority (PA) requested that the status of Hebron be fast-tracked onto the 2017 list due to “alarming details about the Israeli violations in Al-Khalil/ Hebron, including the continuous acts of vandalism, property damage, and other attacks.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO, Carmel Sharma HaCohen said that by refusing the team access for a field visit, Israel was taking a “principled and strategic” stand. Read more at i24NEWS.





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