Israel Thwarts Planned Hezbollah Terror Attacks


Six residents of the village of Ghajar in the Golan Heights, including three brothers and a cousin, have been charged today by Israeli forces for smuggling explosives from Hezbollah in Lebanon to be used in attacks in northern Israel, including Haifa, after the plot was discovered by an Israeli farmer who found the bombs hidden in a grove.

Ynet reports that the plot was foiled after the main defendant, Diab Kahamuz, had forgotten where he had hidden the explosives, which were later discovered by an Israeli farmer.

Diab, 31, is the son of Saeb Kahamuz, a drug dealer and Hezbollah member who escaped to Lebanon during the 2006 Second Lebanon War. His accomplices are his two brothers—Jamil Kahamuz, 29, and Yussef Kahamuz, 34, their cousin Mohssan Kahamuz, 21, and two other residents of Ghajar—Adal Ayunat, 29, and Ibrahim Mamdouh, 21.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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