Israeli Woman Trapped In Bus Trunk


Young housewife Miriam Bonimowitz was removing items deep inside the trunk of an Egged bus just outside Yerushalayim when the driver snapped its door shut down, trapped her inside, and drove for ten minutes as her legs hung outside, close to the road.

“I was afraid I’d die,” Bonimowitz said. “Every moment, my legs could have caught on something. I prayed with all my might.”

She phoned her husband, but no Egged officials were available to help. Banging on the trunk walls was also ineffective.

Noticing her protruding legs, women in a passing car pursued the bus, banged on the driver’s door, and persuaded him to stop.

Egged admitted that a female soldier was trapped in similar circumstances a few months ago.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. You have no idea how terrifying it is to be (potentially) stuck inside. SOME, not all, of the newer buses have a camera inside but does it get all angles? The area is not lit inside. There are no buttons to push for emergency help (that would be problematic too, because suitcases can also press on such buttons, rendering them useless in any case). The basic solution is that the drivers MUST have more patience and ask passersby if everyone got out.


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