Let “Project Inspire” Ignite your Soul this T’sha B’av



Over the past decade, Project Inspire has inspired you with countless stories of regular people who have begun to change the world.

This year, Project Inspire is debuting an all new film featuring three legendary women of our generation: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Rebbetzin Henny Machlis, and Mrs. Pearl Benisch — three giants who looked beyond themselves by reaching out to less religious women and affecting those around them.

The film also includes the dramatic story of Liana, a woman who has started returning to Yiddishkeit through Project Inspire.

Continue their legacy by watching this year’s inspirational Tisha B’Av film and the women who kindled the flames in thousands of souls will ignite yours as well.

Watch the film this Tisha B’Av on Matzav.com or projectinspire.com/tisha.


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