The Sassoon Family Tragedy - Why, Oh Why?

Sunday March 29, 2015 2:12 AM

rav-moshe-meir-weissBy Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss

The entire world was gripped with horror by the terrible fire that took away the pure, precious lives of seven of the Sassoon family’s children this past month.  Anyone who has seen the pictures of these (more…)

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Greenfield and Treyger to Host Fire Safety Event on Monday Night

Sunday March 29, 2015 2:06 AM

fire-safetyBrooklyn - In the wake of last week’s horrific tragedy, Councilman David G. Greenfield and Councilman Mark Treyger are teaming up this Monday night with the Fire Department of New York (more…)

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Divrei Chizuk from the Kaliver Rebbe

Sunday March 29, 2015 12:40 AM


We find ourselves now at the beginning of the Month of Nissan, which is the month during which the Jewish People were freed from Egypt. (more…)

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Today’s Yahrtzeits and History - 9 Nissan

Sunday March 29, 2015 12:07 AM

yahrtzeit-candlesRav Yosef Yozfe Norlingen (1637), author of Yosef Ometz.

Rav Yaakov Tzvi Yalish (Yolles) of Dinov, the Melo Haro’im {Malei Roim} (1778-1825). He was born (more…)

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Yemen: Rebels Are ‘Stooges of Iran’

Saturday March 28, 2015 9:46 PM


Yemeni President Abdel Rabbo Mansour Hadi blamed the chaos in the country on Shiite rebels today, calling them “stooges of Iran” and demanding more airstrikes against them until they surrender. (more…)

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Millions Vote in Nigerian Election

Saturday March 28, 2015 9:27 PM


Millions of Nigerians turned out Saturday to vote in a presidential election, despite violence around the country at the hands of Boko Haram militants. Gunmen from the group reportedly killed 15 (more…)

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TSA Will Stop Singling Out Black Women

Saturday March 28, 2015 9:16 PM


The Transportation Security Administration has agreed to begin anti-discrimination training for agents, after two black women filed complaints about their hair being singled out for searches. (more…)

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Astronauts Launch 1-Year Space Mission

Saturday March 28, 2015 9:06 PM

astronaut-nasa A Russian and German astronaut, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko, respectively, began the first of 342 days aboard the International Space Station on Saturday, a mission about twice as long as usual. (more…)

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U.K. Prison Escapee Faked Bail Email

Saturday March 28, 2015 8:54 PM


An resourceful inmate at a British prison found the perfect way to fake his way out of prison: by posing as a senior court clerk and emailing his jailors bail instructions. (more…)

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March Heat Shatters L.A. Records

Saturday March 28, 2015 8:44 PM


Los Angeles suffered through six days with highs in the 90s or above this month, making it the first March since record-keeping began in 1877 to experience such temperatures. (more…)

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Lubitz’s Ex-Partner: He Planned Crash

Saturday March 28, 2015 8:39 PM


Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 who apparently deliberately crashed the plane into a French mountainside this week, had apparently sought help for eyesight problems that (more…)

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21 Dead After Terror Siege on Hotel

Saturday March 28, 2015 8:31 PM


Fighters with the Islamic rebel group Al-Shabab attacked a prominent hotel in Somalia’s capital city today, resulting in at least 21 deaths, including six of the attackers. (more…)

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Shabbos Shalom on Bedford Avenue: Well-Wishers Leave Flowers and Tears in Front of the Sassoon Home

Friday March 27, 2015 4:35 PM



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Lufthansa Open to ‘Unlimited’ Liability

Friday March 27, 2015 3:43 PM


Lawyers say Germanwings’ suicidal co-pilot may open parent company Lufthansa to unlimited liability claims from victims’ families. (more…)

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NASA to Launch Longest Space Mission

Friday March 27, 2015 3:12 PM


American astronaut Scott Kelly will begin NASA’s longest-ever space trip Friday, when he and two Russian colleagues will take off for a year-long mission at the International Space Station. (more…)

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Agudath Israel of America Appoints Rabbi Yosef C. Golding as Chief Operating Officer

Friday March 27, 2015 2:48 PM

goldingWith the continued growth of Agudath Israel of America, and the expansion of its activities on the local and national scenes, the organization’s board of trustees has announced the appointment of (more…)

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Doctor Said Lubitz Wasn’t Fit to Fly

Friday March 27, 2015 2:17 PM

lubitzA torn-up doctor’s note found in Andreas Lubitz’s apartment deemed him unfit for work, according to Dusseldorf prosecutor Christoph Kumpa. (more…)

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Officials: Relationship Between Obama Administration and Israeli Government is ‘Irreparable’

Friday March 27, 2015 1:43 PM

netanyahu-obamaIsraeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s senior advisers have described the relationship between the Obama Administration and the Israeli government as “irreparable,” the UK’s Jewish Chronicle (more…)

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Facebook Drones to Beam Internet

Friday March 27, 2015 1:17 PM


Facebook unveiled a solar-powered drone on Thursday that it hopes will bring Internet to billions of people around the world. The Aquila, with the wingspan of a Boeing 767, will be able to stay aloft for (more…)

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Kosel Undergoes Kvittel-Cleaning for Pesach

Friday March 27, 2015 12:41 PM

kosel-cleaningThe Kosel, in the heart of Yerushalayim’s Old City, attracts thousands of visitors each year. With Pesach around the corner, the Kosel got a twice-annual cleaning this week, as thousands of kvitlach were removed. (more…)

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Airlines Alter Cockpit Rules After Crash

Friday March 27, 2015 12:11 PM


Airlines across the world on Thursday changed rules mandating a second crew member be present in the cockpit at all times, following revelations that a German co-pilot may have locked himself in and (more…)

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Harry Reid Is Retiring

Friday March 27, 2015 11:36 AM


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced Friday that he won’t be seeking re-election next year, putting an end to his nearly 30-year-long Senate career. (more…)

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On Iran Nuclear Deal, Watchdog Says Collapse of White House Demand for Verification in Line With Previous Capitulations

Friday March 27, 2015 11:19 AM


A Washington DC based watchdog monitoring US nuclear negotiations with Iran has said that the White House’s latest backpedaling on its negotiating positions follows a consistent trend. (more…)

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Photos: Admorim of Modzitz, Sadigura and Chug Chasam Sofer Bake Matzos for Pesach 5775

Friday March 27, 2015 10:43 AM



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Undercover Reporter Films Cornell Official Advising on How to Start ISIS, Hamas Club on Campus

Friday March 27, 2015 10:16 AM

cornell-university-official-joseph-scaffidoBy David Daoud

A video published on Wednesday shows a senior official at New York State’s Cornell University advising an undercover investigative journalist on how to start and fund a pro-ISIS and Hamas club (more…)

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In Shocking Breach, U.S. Declassifies Document Revealing Some of Israel’s Nuclear Capabilities

Friday March 27, 2015 9:20 AM


On February 12, the Pentagon quietly declassified a top-secret 386-page Department of Defense document from 1987 detailing Israel’s nuclear program - the first time Israel’s alleged nuclear (more…)


Israeli Officials Say Obama Administration is More Hostile Than Europe - ‘Not Even Half a Minute of Grace Was Given’

Friday March 27, 2015 8:44 AM

obama1By David Daoud

Israeli officials in Yerushalayim said on Wednesday that the Obama Administration is acting in a manner that is more hostile to Israel than European governments, Israel’s Walla News reported. (more…)

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AP Reporter Grills Psaki on Differing Approaches to Netanyahu, Khamenei

Friday March 27, 2015 8:11 AM

khamenei[Video below,] A reporter for the Associated Press questioned State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki this week about the harsh tone the administration has taken towards Israeli Prime Minister (more…)

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Obama COS McDonough Criticized for Demanding Israel End “Occupation”

Friday March 27, 2015 7:47 AM

denis-mcdonoughThe Obama administration is being criticized for a speech delivered to the Conference of the extreme-left anti-Israel group J Street by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. (more…)

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Rabbonim and Lay Leaders in Support of Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Israel to Fill Void Created by Supreme Court Decision

Friday March 27, 2015 7:14 AM

unnamed4A group of rabbanim and lay leaders met on March 18th for the first meeting of a newly formed Board of Directors in support of the Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Israel. The meeting was hosted (more…)

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Women Fought for Hamas in Gaza War, Too

Friday March 27, 2015 6:39 AM

hamas[Video below.] How many of the women “civilians” killed were actually terrorists?

From The Times (UK):

Hadifa sold all her engagement jewellery to buy the battered AK-47 that she lovingly cradled as (more…)

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Israel ‘Springs Forward’ To Daylight Saving Time

Friday March 27, 2015 6:01 AM

hebrew-clockDaylight savings time went into effect across Israel early this morning, turning 2 a.m. instantly into 3 a.m. (more…)

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Friday March 27, 2015 5:50 AM

Click on the image to magnify:



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Rav Shlomo Miller Forbids Quinoa as Kitniyos on Pesach

Friday March 27, 2015 5:14 AM




Audio: Rav Mintz On Parshas Tzav

Friday March 27, 2015 4:44 AM

rav-chaim-mintz[Audio below.] Each week, Rav Chaim Mintz, Mashgiach of the Yeshiva of Staten Island and founder and head of Oorah Kiruv Rechokim, offers, via telephone, an insightful and inspiring message (more…)

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Video: Rabbi Freundlich’s 3-Minute Look at Parshas Tzav

Friday March 27, 2015 4:11 AM

y-freundlich[Video below.] presents this new series of a 3-minute look at the weekly parsha with an eye towards Jewish parenting. The Torah (more…)

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Condition of Rav Wosner Said to Be Critical

Friday March 27, 2015 3:45 AM

rav-shmuel-wosnerAll are asked to daven for the welfare of Rav Shmuel Halevi Wosner, senior posek, author of the Shevet Halevi and rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin in Bnei Brak, whose condition is said to be critical.  (more…)

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Candle Lighting Times, Erev Shabbos Parshas Tzav 5775

Friday March 27, 2015 3:10 AM

Click here for other cities.



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Video: Harry Rothenberg On Parshas Tzav

Friday March 27, 2015 2:43 AM

harry-rothenberg[Video below.] Attorney Harry Rothenberg offers a five-minute thought on the parsha disseminated by Partners in Torah. (more…)

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Video: Rav Stulberger On Parshas Tzav

Friday March 27, 2015 2:12 AM

rav-stulberger[Video below.] Each week, Rav Avrohom Stulberger, rosh yeshiva of Valley Torah High School in Los Angeles, shares a 3-4 minute message relating to the parshas hashovuah. is (more…)

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Video: The Shmuz On Parshas Tzav

Friday March 27, 2015 1:12 AM

rabbi-shafier[Videos below.] Rav Bentzion Shafier has impacted thousands of people with his talks and lectures, and especially with his innovative “Shmuz,” a mussar shmuess that draws on Torah, Gemara and the (more…)

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