LISTEN: NJ Radio Station Devotes Segment to Slamming Frum Jews, Their Large Families, and Shopping Practices

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  1. Instead of crying anti-semitism, why not use this as an opportunity to consider how our community’s ways are perceived by the outside world

  2. Complain to the FCC. If they get inundated with complaints they’ll investigate and, if the station violated the FCC code, they can impose penalties.

    • Complain to the FCC about what? Letting people voice legitimate complaints on a radio show? You are part of the problem by covering up for them and yelling Anti-Semitism.

  3. Yidden need to develop a little thicker skin

    [all the more so if you’re going to be behind Trump with his promotion of political incorrectness]

  4. Shan and Toad – apparently the owner is tired of being taken advantage of by customers from certain geographic areas. The Chofetz Chaim brought Shmiras HaLashon to the forefront – now it’s time for a different person to bring Ehrlichkeit to the same level of significance as Shmiras HaLashon. Yes, driving is horrific. Everyone is in a rush – for what? If Paul Frederick offers a one per a customer discount – then it should truly be a one per customer. I actually was brought down to earth by one of my children – who said that he couldn’t imagine davening while wearing a shirt that was purchased via shtick. Let’s each and every one of us be the example of refinement, and honesty and Ehrlichkeit. And yes, there will still be those who can find fault in us – that’s a classic Eisav soneh es Yakov – but as Rosh HaShanah approaches – let’s not only polish our leichters and bechers- let’s polish ourselves!

    • Rav Matisyayu Salomon DID speak about this subject a few years ago at the Aguda convention. In a nutshell, he said that when “jawing someone” is out of the dictionary – that’s when Meshiach will arrive. Chevra WAKE UP!

  5. The callers may or may not be right in what they say. However, it’s scary how this talk is out in the open about Yidden. It just wouldn’t happen to most other ethnic groups. Jews have become fair game. The world is just going back to normal. Can you imagine people calling just to gripe about blacks? It just wouldn’t happen.

  6. Those who are upright to begin with, will bend over more than necessary and beat up on themselves

    Those who ought to take heed and improve ,will ignore this and/or call it anti-semitism

  7. its so interesting to see people of our own buying into this garbage – agreeing that ‘our people’ do these things, but somehow its never them – only everybody else. If Emes & Nat, My two cents & anonymous, S. Weiner & Me myself & I & Cohen all dont do these things – than this show is racist & bigoted. Because they are grouping ALL Orthodox jews together & saying we’re all cheats.

    same as saying all blacks, hispanics, muslims etc do crime, terrorism etc

    Maybe someone should post the # to call the FCC


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