Monsey: Longtime Kosher Supermarket Closes Its Doors


monsey-kosherA longtime kosher supermarket in Monsey has announced to its customers that after being in business for more than two decades, it is closing its doors. Monsey Kosher Plaza, which is one of the longest running kosher supermarkets in Monsey, has sent a letter to its customers announcing the closure.

In the letter, the owners of the grocery, who are affiliated with the newly constructed Hatzlacha supermarket on West St. in Spring Valley, wrote to their customers that after much thought and deliberation, they are closing and will no longer operate at the store located on Route 59 within the next few weeks and will merge with the Hatzlacha Supermarket in Spring Valley.

With a new grocery opening up at the old Pathmark Shopping Center, and rumors that the owner of the building where Monsey Kosher Supermarket is located is planning to build, speculation of its closure had been widespread.

{G. Newscenter}



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