No Bussing from Bnei Brak to Separate Beach in Herzliya


For the first time in many years, bein hazemanim has begun and there is no bussing for chareidim of Bnei Brak to the separate beach in Herzliya. No buses run by the municipality of Herzliya are operating between Bnei Brak and the beach as they have in years past.

Chanoch Zeibert of the Bnei Brak municipality says it is pure negligence.

People who have called the Herzliya municipality and asked about this issue could not get a clear explanation as to why there is no bus service to the beach.”

Rav Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau, rov of Bnei Brak, has opposed using the beach because of breaches in modesty, such as the poorly constructed separation fence in the water. According to the municipality, in the past, there were two lifeguard towers, with one on each side of the separation. This year, there is just one lifeguard, and he has not agreed to take responsibility for swimmers on both sides of the fence.

For thousands in Bnei Brak, an inexpensive outing during summer break has been trips to the separate beach in Herzliya. It seems that this excursion may be in jeopardy this bein hazemanim. Israel News Bureau



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