NY: MTA Fare Hikes Take Some Commuters By Surprise


mta-busHit with fare hikes overnight, straphangers were taken by surprise Sunday morning by the new cost of commuting on the New York City subway system and commuter train lines.

As CBS 2’s Amy Dardashitan reported, all MTA fare hikes are now in effect, affecting not only the millions of commuters who rely on the transit agency’s subways, buses and commuter trains, but also bridges and tunnels.

The final round of hikes took effect early Sunday.

Bus and subway fare hikes took effect at midnight, while tolls on the MTA’s seven bridges and two tunnels went up at 2 a.m.

The mass transit fare now costs $2.50, up from $2.25. A single-ride MetroCard now costs $2.75. Express buses are now $6.

In addition, a 30-day unlimited MetroCard rose $8 to $112. A seven-day MetroCard went up a dollar from $29 to $30. There is also a $1 surcharge to buy a new MetroCard, rather than refilling an old one.

Toll hikes vary per bridge or tunnel.

Fare increases for Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad took effect on Friday.

LIRR and Metro-North fares went up between eight and nine percent, depending on distance and ticket type.

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  1. Bus/subway fares and postage can be raised to who-knows-what….and will never be boycotted because of sheer necessity.So what system of “checks and balances” is there? We should try shipping ourselves places,and mailing our letters by bus–it might come out cheaper.

  2. Dissolve money leaching Port Authority – let each bridge and tunnel charge just enough tolls to finance that particular bridge/tunnel’s operations only – motorists should not be forced to sponsor grandiose building projects in Lower Manhattan. Privatize MTA. Enough of this central command socialism.


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