Obama Says Wars Not Won With Guns, But By Ideas


obamaJewish organizations have taken issue with President Barack Obama’s mistaken assertion on Tuesday that terrible ideologies are defeated by better ideas, not armies.

In address delivered yesterday at the Pentagon, in the presence of top military commanders, President Obama said, “In order for us to defeat terrorist groups like ISIL and al Qaeda it’s going to also require us to discredit their ideology — the twisted thinking that draws vulnerable people into their ranks. As I’ve said before — and I know our military leaders agree — this broader challenge of countering violent extremism is not simply a military effort. Ideologies are not defeated with guns; they’re defeated by better ideas — a more attractive and more compelling vision” (‘Remarks by the President on Progress in the Fight Against ISIL,’ July 6, 2015).

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein said, “It is an extraordinary statement for the U.S. President and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s largest and most sophisticated armed forces, in the midst of a war with an unbelievably vicious and brutal enemy, to say in the presence of his military commanders who are supervising life-and-death decisions in the field on a daily basis, that ‘ideologies are not defeated with guns; they’re defeated by better ideas.’

“Really? How was Nazism ended? Because we persuaded Germans that it was a bad idea and that freedom and democracy were superior, or because we mobilized millions of Americans to fight and defeat them on land, sea and in the air?

“How was slavery ended in this country? Because we talked plantation owners out of using people as property, or because we defeated them in a bitter war?

“This is not a matter of discounting or misunderstanding the importance of ideas. It goes without saying that one must have something to fight for, not merely against. If there weren’t competing ideas of freedom and human dignity, the slave-owners could not have been defeated, the Nazis would not have been defeated.

“Americans do not lack better ideas and values. But ideas and values must be backed with overwhelming force to succeed, because we cannot persuade vicious radical Muslim terrorists to change their ways. We must defeat them.

“That is why what President Obama said is so alarming, ahistorical and shallow. Until and unless President Obama commits U.S. forces in whatever strength necessary to defeat the ISIS, it will continue to slaughter and destabilize across the Middle East.”

“Instead, President Obama is making a nonsensical argument about the relative unimportance of military force in this conflict in order to rationalize not acting with decisive military force to defeat ISIS.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. “Alarming, ahistorical and shallow.”
    That sums up Obama in a nutshell, unfortunately.

    He sees everything from the prism of an Ivy League tower, and does not have the perspective or the humility to realize that the rest of the world is not interested in his worldview.

    Yes, Mr. President, in a real democracy like the United States still is, one can defeat bad ideologies with better ideas – via elections. Which is why you and your fellow Democrats took such a beating in 2014.

  2. Yes, I’m sure a good idea will work. We’ll just sit down with ISIS and talk about the Bill of Rights and explain how much better it is than radical Islam.

  3. I’m sick and tired of the president-bashing! Not because I like this president (I’m a Republican who would’ve cheered if Romney had won), but because there’s NO POINT TO IT. seriously, do you think Hashem gave you a mouth to poke fun at other people (even those you’re allowed to – Goyim) and criticize them when nothing good will come out of the criticism? Do you think Obama is reading Matzav and will say, ‘Oh, look! Reality check thinks I should tone it down a little! Okay, here I go!” There’s no point to the unkind descriptions. None. Just DROP it and go do better things with your time than criticizing other people pointlessly!

  4. Sick & Tired, although you make a good point, I think you ought take care of your health! Take 2 Tylenols and go to sleep! Get some rest!


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