Obama To Leave Hawaii Vacation For DC Today


obamaPresident Obama is cutting his vacation short, leaving Hawaii tonight to return to Washington and address the looming “fiscal cliff,” the White House announced.

The president has been vacationing in Hawaii with his family since Shabbos. The first lady and their daughters will remain in the state.

Obama and lawmakers are under pressure to craft a deficit-reduction package to avoid a set of tax hikes and automatic spending cuts taking effect in 2013. But negotiations are at an impasse with little time until the year-end deadline. Both the House and Senate are also slated to return to work in Washington on Thursday.

Obama on Friday urged GOP lawmakers to return to the table and consider a smaller package focused on extending middle class tax rates, extending unemployment insurance and laying a framework for future deficit reduction.

“That’s an achievable goal that can get done in 10 days,” he told reporters.

The president expressed hope that the holidays would help both sides “cool off” and resume talks. “As we leave town for a few days to be with our families, it will give us some perspective,” Obama said.


  1. Wow! What leadership! Amazing! Giving up his personal vacation for the benefit of the Country he leads! This calls for a new National Holiday! I’m so happy he got re’elected! He is truly unbelievable!

  2. Give the man a break. If he were to stay on vacation you’d all be yelling. So he cuts his vacation short and that is also a problem. You people can’t fargin the man, can you?

  3. Obama and . . . San Joaquin Valley Drought, Keystone Pipeline, threatened East Coast dock workers strike – everything he touches – or neglects – becomes worse.
    He needs to be confronted by the House of RepresentIves refusing to fund A N Y of his “executive order” rules and regulations and “czars”‘, in particular anything in ObamaScare; without money they are nothing.
    Call your local Congressman(woman) and “yell” (politely, but loudly) at them. Do it today.


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