Palestinians Reward Terrorists from British Aid


palestinianAccording to a senior Israeli government source, British aid to the Palestinian government – worth 343 million pounds between 2011 and 2015 – is funding generous salaries and bonuses to about 5,000 convicted terrorists.

The Palestinian Authority has made it clear that the salaries are paid because of the high esteem in which these terrorists are held.

Sir Gerald Howarth, a Conservative MP, has called for Britain to suspend all aid to the PA until payments to terrorists cease. “It is not the job of the hardworking British taxpayer to fund payments to terrorists.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. don’t know why you would think otherwise. ALL AID TO PALESTINIANS is going to terrorists. They don’t care about ordinary people – even their owm

  2. Why does Israel pay money to the PA that is the big question. Instead of helping their own to busy paying a bribe to the PA, it is not working they are still throwing bombs at you.


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