Political Strategist Apologizes For Calling Netanyahu ‘The Devil’


netanyahu3Political strategist Udi Pridan apologized Thursday for his choice of words in a recent interview with the financial newspaper Globes, in which he called Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu “the devil, a bad man, dishonest, war-mongering, divisive, and a charlatan.”

Pridan, who led Kulanu party leader Moshe Kachlon’s election campaign, had also accused the Mizrachi Jewish public-many of whom voted for Netanyahu in March’s election-of suffering from an “inferiority complex.”

“I was wrong to call the prime minister ‘the devil,'” Pridan said on Twitter. “This is our prime minister, who was elected in a fair democratic election. It was a poor choice of words and I’m sorry for that. I also owe an apology to those I offended by my insensitive stereotypical comments, which I truly regret.”





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