Remarks by Sara Netanyahu and Karen Pence at the Art Therapy Roundtable


Sara Netanyahu and Karen Pence, this morning attended a special meeting with members of the Israeli Organization for Art Therapy. They met with art therapists who presented unique approaches that have been developed in Israel and held a joint art exercise in which each participant drew part of a common drawing.

Karen Pence is an art therapist and meets with colleagues from around the world as part of her efforts to promote the profession of art therapy.

Sara Netanyahu told the Second Lady, “It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you and the Vice President to Jerusalem, our eternal capital.”

“As a participant child psychologist, I share your deep commitment to art therapy. I am a true believer in the healing power, like we talked before, of art, drama—by the way, I believe also in drama therapy—and contact with animals, because this is also some kind of treatment that I appreciate a lot.”

Karen Pence returned the kind words. “It is my pleasure to be here with all of you today, and I’m so honored that Mrs. Netanyahu is joining us. This is such a treat for me.”

“As I became Second Lady and was asked, ‘What would you like your one initiative to be?’ I realized that art therapists are very misunderstood. Art therapy is not arts and crafts. You are mental health professionals. Most of you have a Master’s or doctor degree. This is a type of therapy.”

 Avi Ohayon (GPO)



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