Sanz Arranges Free Housing for Up to 3 Years


With the help of philanthropists, the Sanzer Rebbe has arranged for yungeleit to live at no cost in four room apartments in Tzefas for up to three years. The main objective is to get young people to move out to far out areas like Tzefas, getting used to living there, and then buying the cheaper apartments available in such places.

Cheaper housing is nothing new in Sanz. Rav Yekusiel Yehuda Halberstam, the Divrei Shefa of Sanz (1905-1994), founded the Kiryat Sanz neighborhood of Netanya in 1958, becoming the first Rebbe to establish a chareidi neighborhood in an Israeli development town. Later he founded similar neighborhoods in Tzefas and Yerushalayim. The present Rebbe founded Kiryat Sanz in Teveriah three years ago.

The Rebbe also helps yungeleit buy apartments by providing them with $70,000 loans payable with $700 monthly installments.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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