Sefer Chazarah Berurah Vol III On Chelek Hay & Vov of Mishna Berurah


chazarah berurahThe third and final volume of this exciting and innovative sefer has just been released to the seforim stores.

The challenges of reviewing Halacha in general and Mishna Berurah in particular are  manifold. Sefer Chazarah Berurah overcomes these difficulties using a ground breaking approach.

All the myriad halachos and sevaros of the Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berurah, in their original language, have been fashioned into a flowing text that can be read straightforwardly, without having to constantly look up in the Shulchan Aruch and down to the Mishna Berurah. This eliminates a serious distraction to one’s concentration, and saves a lot of time.

Additionally, although the Mechaber and Rama are left intact, the Mishna Berurah is organized in the most logical order, which is beneficial to memorization. Those parts of Mishna Berurah which are necessary to explain and define the Shulchan Aruch, while clearly marked, are incorporated within the words of the Shulchan Aruch. More lengthy explanations are afterward, and cases similar to the ones being discussed, are after that.

Finally, many parts of the Biur Halacha and Shaar Hatzion are important for explaining the matter at hand, and they add important halachos that one wouldn’t want to miss, yet they aren’t easily reviewed. In this sefer their main points are inserted in the appropriate places, enabling one to have an easy chazarah of them.

The source of everything is clearly marked with an easy system, so that the one knows if he is learning a Mechaber, Mishna Berurah or a Shaar Hatzion, without the need for footnotes. Generally the layout is clear, pleasant to the eye, and very user friendly.

The first two volumes were received by the public with great enthusiasm and much positive feedback, and now with the publication of the third and final volume, the set is complete.

The sefer was compiled by Rav Ahron Zelikovitz, Magid Shiur of Chazarah MP3, and has received the haskamos of Harav Ezriel Auerbach shlita, Harav Yisroel Ganz shlita, Harav Shmuel Feurst shlita, Harav Shmuel Felder shlita, and Harav Yechezkel Roth shlita. The sefer is distributed by Im Hasefer. For more information, email or Or call 718.646.1243.

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