Shimon Peres’s Son Says Dad’s Posthumous Book ‘Will Serve As A Lighthouse’ For Politically Cynical World


A new book from a former Israeli president aims to inject some optimism into a politically cynical world.

“For me, the book will serve as a lighthouse for those who feel that the world is a little bit dark,” Nehemia Peres says of “No Room for Small Dreams: Courage, Imagination, and the Making of Modern Israel,” a posthumous book by his father, former Israeli President Shimon Peres. “It’s a compass for those that lost direction. For me, in the book, between the stories, he planted all the tools that he used in his life to travel his unbelievable journey from Poland into the president of Israel.”

Peres finished the tome just weeks before he died at 93 years old last September, after suffering a severe stroke.

“The book, for me, is his last project, the last work that he left for the world. Sometimes it’s classified as a memoir or as an autobiography, but, for me, it’s really an inspiring book with a clear message for the next generations.” Read more at The Hill.





  1. It’s encouraging to know that some of our lost brothers are at least aware of the concept of searching for the light amid the darkness. It’s a first step in the direction of finding the true light, may they merit to find it soon.


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