Shisha B’keres Echad: Sextuplets Born to Afghan Woman


babiesIn one of the poorest nations in the world, Afghanistan’s Sara Gul did the near impossible compared to her countrywomen: She gave birth to sextuplets.

The 22-year-old from Balkh province told Reuters she tried to abort after learning she was pregnant and carrying six children: three boys and three girls. That is about the same number of children that Afghan women have on average in their lifetime.

“I even jumped from a wall but nothing happened to them,” Gul said from Mazar-e-Sharif, where the birth took place on Monday.

A maternity ward doctor said that five of Gul’s babies were born healthy while the sixth one was underweight and under postnatal care.

Back in October, CBS News reported on the struggles faced by Afghan mothers and their newborns. In the province of Badakshan, the maternal mortality rate is high: 6,500 mothers die per 100,000 births. The rate in the U.S. is only 13 per 100,000.

Augmented by the country’s poverty and conflict, 1 in 4 children will die before they turn 5, according to Reuters.

Gul’s 27-year-old husband Shukrullah, who is out of work, said: “Allah blessed me with six children, but I am worried about their future.”

While maternity care is improving with additional beds and arrival of equipment, modern health care is still remote for the nation’s people, said CBS News.

{CBS News/ Newscenter}


  1. How can you use the Heiligeh expression of ‘shisha b’keres echad’ on a shiksa especially a Muslim whose offspring may kill Jews?

  2. Why is the husband worried about the future of the babies? He will enlist them in the Taliban and their future will be pretty easy to figure out

  3. In light of the fact that they are not Jewish,and this is a jewish website…why report about “allah”….????

  4. first saying

    Shisha B’keres Echad about Afghan Woman

    then …Allah blessed me with six children

    (but detroit’s yom iyun – nothing)

  5. Don’t you have anything better to report on: Like the Levaya that took place to-day of the ISHA HACHASHUVAH Rebbezin Weinberg A”H, in Baltimore: like who was maspid? Instead of putting in news about kidswho were born, that will later on become ROIZCHIM?

  6. An orthodox Jew myself, it should be noted that not all Afghans are inherently evil. To the above posters who obviously assume otherwise, Judge others the way you wished to be judged yourself.

  7. To #6; can you please elaborate on the Detroit Yom Iyin? I heard about it. Maybe Matzav will (should?) publish something on it.
    I have heard some pretty amazing things coming out of such a city.


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