Suggestions for Shidduch Day Wanted



What do you suggest?

What would you suggest to help spread the word on our Yad L’Achim shidduchim initiative “Tu B’Av Together”?

The concept is this.

Tu B’Av is a day associated with tefillah for shidduchim from the times of chazal.

Yad L’Achim has arranged for a minyan of talmidei chachamim to daven in Amuka on the day of Tu B’Av for all who submit their names for tefillah – free to join and submit your names at WWW.TUBAVTOGETHER.COM

At the very same time, all of klal Yisrael will join together wherever they are and daven for all singles in klal Yisrael. 

Thus the name “TU B’AV TOGETHER” – On Monday, August 7th, Tu B’Av at 10:00am ESTeveryone should say the following chapters ל”ב, ל”ח, ע’, פ”ב, קכ”א, קכ”ד, קכ”ז, קכ”ח (chapters, 32, 38, 70, 82, 121, 124, 127, 128)

It should be a zechus for all singles in Klal Yisrael and specifically so that all of the rescued women merit marrying their bashert.

What ways would you suggest to help us spread the word so that everyone should daven for each other on TU B’AV TOGETHER? We want to get EVERYONE involved to daven for each other.

Please send your suggestions to TUBAV@YADLACHIM.ORG or by messaging  516-888-0776.

Plus everyone who wishes, can submit their names for the tefillah in Amuka FOR FREE by CLICKING HERE or by visiting You can also download the Tehillim for free

We want everyone in klal Yisrael to daven together on Tu B’Av Together!

To receive up-to-date updates, and receive the tehillim to say on Tu B’Av Together, send a text/whatsapp to 516-888-0776 or email TUBAV@YADLACHIM.ORG.




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