Thugs in Meron Harass Chassidim


Moshe Shechter recently visited Meron for Shabbos with a group of Sanzer chassidim. He reported afterwards that in the middle of Keri’as Hatorah on Shabbos morning “five thugs came in, shouting, and demanded that we leave as they wanted to sleep. We tried to explain that we were in the middle of davening, but they began hitting us violently and even broke a chair over an avreich. After Keri’as Hatorah we went to daven Mussaf in another shteibel at the kever where the Rebbe of Pinsk-Karlin was present. But the thugs chased after us and shoved the Rebbe. Even the guard was afraid to do anything.”

Miron police claim that two officers are on duty every day and that no one complained to them about the incident.

Shechter complained about the incident to chareidi MKs and Minister of Religious Affairs. David Azulai of Shas and MK Menachem Moses of UTJ said they would deal with the issue. Moses noted that the events described were only an example of what happens there every week when thousands visit the kever. He complained that there is no one to complain to about the violence or to go to when air conditioning and electricity at the compound fail.

David Steger – Israel


  1. Are people sleeping at the kever? What time was davening? Can someone fill me in exactly what the kever looks like? Is there a city with housing right nearby?


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