Van Jones: Clinton Campaign ‘Took a Billion Dollars and Set It on Fire’


Liberal commentator Van Jones blasted the Clinton presidential campaign for setting $1 billion “on fire.”

Speaking at “The People’s Summit” convention in Chicago, Jones said Democrats were “tricked into fighting among ourselves over the wrong issues.”

Jones, who served as President Obama’s so-called “green jobs czar,” said the campaign gave itself a false choice during the election.



“They took a billion dollars… and set it on fire and called it a campaign,” Jones said. Read more at Fox News.




  1. The man is right. The big question is, why didn’t any of these Liberal pundits mention any of this during the campaign? Why did everyone on the left lay down for Mrs. Clinton? Why did they not even give any serious thought to Bernie Sanders, who ran a great campaign? Bernie was an afterthought but the elite left. The Democrat left, put all their eggs in Hillary’s basket. This is not a democracy. This is a very bad time for this Country.

    • Disenfranchised voter, as a rule self-hating Jews like Bernie Sanders would be much worse for Jews and Israel than Clinton even with all her corruptions, and she’s loaded. Self-hating Jews are bitter and angry and would do anything to destroy the rule of law and justice in the world. The NY Times and CNN are good examples of self-hating Jews running the media.

  2. “This is a very bad time for this Country.”

    Relax. It’s a very bad time for the Democrats and libtards. Normal people in this country are doing just fine. thank you.


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