Video, Photos: Brussels Zaventem Airport Rocked By Two Explosions


Two explosions have been reported at Zaventem airport in Brussels. Images on social media from the scene showed smoke rising from one of the terminal buildings. The cause of the explosions is unknown, BBC reports.

Several people were killed and many more injured, according to local media.

CNBC reports that he explosions occurred in the main departure hall.

The blasts come four days after the capture in Brussels of Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the Paris attacks in November.

The airport is being evacuated and closed to flights.

The video below shows people fleeing the airport buildings.

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  1. Prayers for the deceased, maimed and injured from these terrible attacks in Brussels.

    What can and should be done now to reduce the probability that more attacks like this will happen in Belgium and other European nations in the future ?

    (1) Belgium like all the nations in Europe needs an effective security oversight and management mechanism in place. The personnel structure for such an oversight team is 6-36-216-1296-7764.

    (2) Belgium’s total land area is only 30,528 sq.kms. Land border length is only 1297 kms. At any given time there are a maximum of 14 million people within the country.

    (3) Boundaries are a good idea. Borders are necessary for nation states. The managers of a home, a community centre, a house of worship or a country are entitled to know who is in their space at any given time and what they are up to. Those planning nefarious and violent moves must be prevented from carrying out such actions. National sovereignty is an extension of personal sovereignty.

    (4) Borders between all the different European nations can be strengthened without the whole Shenghen/European arrangement being dismantled. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. National sovereignty is not a dirty word. The desired world model sees 193 plus sovereign nation states within a global commonwealth of peace, prosperity and security. A rising tide will lift all the boats.

    (5) The cancer of the Syrian Civil War must not be allowed to metastasize further. The Islamic State issue is connected to the Syrian Civil War problem. Joined at the hip. Like two sides on the six sided cube. Move some of the squares one way and the others will move as well. It is an interconnected world. The Islamic State would not have developed to this point if certain terrible foreign policy decisions had not been made since the year 2000 and before.

    (6) I repeat what I have been stating since late 2013…The optimal solution plan to end the Syrian Civil War must be followed now. It is the only game in town. There is a way to arrest the downwardly spiralling dynamic. The Syrian and Iraq theatres of conflict have created and continue to create terrible “spill overs” for other nations far and wide. (Eisenkot’s team that visited Brussels in late Nov. 2015 to help with security may not have done the trick. They may not have not paid enough attention to the ending the Syrian Civil War part of the modalities/prevention plan. Ignoring the gaping hole in the side of the yacht whilst just getting more buckets to bail the water out.) The “Camp of the Saints” refugee dynamic can also be reversed if Syria is stabilised. The “Terrorist Hiding as a Refugee” proble will also thus be alleviated.

    (7) The way to deal with the Islamic State is via the application of a balance of sefirotic modalities. (As one part of this multifaceted and multilayered task now, the SAA, Hizbullah, Shia Mercenaries and the Russians should back off from trying to seize Palmyra/Tadmur now. The ancient city that Solomon built circa 955 bce is one of the four key pivots of the Syrian Civil War.)

    (8) The Islamic State continues to be underestimated. They are certainly not the “J.V. Team”.

    (9) All crimes, accidents and terrorist attacks can be deconstructed for their root causes. All crimes and terrorist attacks have the components of : Means, Motive and Opportunity. Determined people will always find the means and opportunity. But you can stop crimes and terrorist attacks dead in the water by taking away the motivation for such actions in the first place. The problem is like only bailing out the water from the sinking yacht whilst ignoring to fix the hole in the side. Too much focus on what is urgent whilst ignoring what is important will ultimately leave you exhausted, exasperated and drowned.

    (10) What can be done about this situation ? Facilitate and create common ground between the three great monotheistic faiths. Islam, Judaism and Christianity share far more in common than their differences. e.g. One G-d/Allah; Traditional Marriage; Charity/Zakat/Tzedekah; Honour; Prohibition of Child Sexual Abuse/Rape etc.

    Thus all concerned world leaders now must support the plan to create a moderate, traditional, monotheistic centre in the Holy Land. This centre will transmute, transform, counter-balance, redeem and ultimately defeat the extremist orbits and energies. This centre needs to be a stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive place. QED.

    Let’s see how wise various “leaders” are in the coming days and weeks….


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