Watch: Frum Boy Offered A Toy Store Shopping Spree After Anti-Semitic Attack

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An generous man made an effort to cheer up a shaken 11-year-old boy after he was shoved to the ground earlier this week in an anti Semitic gesture.

The incident took place on Throop Ave. & Walton Street in Williamsburg where a group of hoodlums approached the young boy and shoved him to the ground before running off. The suspects are still at large.

Hearing the story, the man reached out to the family to offer the child a fun trip to the toy store to help him recover from his experience. The boy left the store with two baskets full of toys, a $100 gift card and a giant smile on his face.



  1. While not an excuse for anti-semitism, using racial slurs is certainly not helpful. Posting the use of a racial slur by an orthodox Jew in response to an anti-semitic attack, is frankly, quite ironic. Widely publicizing our own racism is not only short-sighted, but a major Chilul Hashem. I would hope most readers would cringe at the use of such language. I suggest this video be promptly deleted, rather than glorified. We would expect no less of a real media outlet in possession of an anti-semitic video.

    • Mi ke’amcha yisrael. What a nice man.

      By the way, Common, I didn’t hear any racial slurs. Don’t tell me you never use “shvartze” in your personal conversations? Don’t be a hypocrite.

    • I guess you also hate the former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger has both, shvartz and negger in his name. Grow up and stop being so paranoid.

    • Normally I’d agree with you about usage of that word and I watched the video fully expecting to see denigratory comments about minorities. That’s not what happened, though. The man simply said “The black (guy) threw him down”. That’s it. No derision about blacks in general, and not even about the assailant in this case. Had the shoe been on the other foot c”v and a Jewish guy unprovokedly threw a kid down, would you object to someone describing the incident as “The Jew threw him down?”. I wouldn’t.

  2. To Common
    My assumption is that you don’t speak Yiddish. If you did, you’d know that there simply is no other word for Blacks than Shvartza. (Would you prefer Schwartza?)
    People who think the word is inherently racist are either misinformed or,more probably, have heard the word used in a derogatory racist context, and therefore assume that all Yiddish-speaking people are racists.
    Having said that, the fact that he uses Shvartza instead of Goy does smack of a bias against blacks.

    • shvartz literally means black. like broen is brown or vice is white. shvartz like the name Schwartz means black. shvartza means black person.

  3. A truly thoughtful chessed and smart response but at the same time if everyone
    would learn basic self defense and the attackers knew they will get hit
    back – they will certainly lose their incentive to attack.


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