WATCH LIVE: James Comey Testifies About Russian Interference In U.S. Election



  1. Comey lying again. He knows about the plot to frame Russia — for the DNC’s own criminal conspiracy — was CLOSELY COORDINATED BETWEEN THE DNC AND THE C.I.A. AND CARRIED OUT WITH THE FULL SUPPORT OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. Given that the heads of virtually all 17 AGENCIES* within the U.S. Intelligence Community were ready and willing to support the necessary crime wave, it was an obvious brainchild of Deep State. CTO Dmitri Alperovitch (founder of CrowdStrike) is a creation of Deep State, and was carefully set up as the point man for the hacking scheme.

    In the fictitious Russian election hack case, CrowdStrike (which was approved and praised by Comey for obvious reasons) was the C.I.A. CONTRACTOR PAID TO CREATE DIGITAL EVIDENCE WITH FAKE RUSSIAN “SIGNATURES” IN ORDER TO INCRIMINATE THE KREMLIN.

    (*These are the “17 agencies” Hillary Clinton “blamed” on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 in the third 2016 presidential debate: “We have 17 intelligence agencies, civilian and military, who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks, come from the highest levels of the Kremlin, and they are designed to influence our election.”)


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