Watch: Thailand Cave Rescue: How Do We Get Them Out?


They were found alive after an exhaustive nine-day search, but now the race to free 12 boys and their football coach from deep inside a flooded cave in Thailand has got even more urgent, with monsoon rains on the way.

A Thai Navy SEALs team has managed to reach the boys with food and energy gels, accompanied by a doctor and nurse . But there are limited options to get them out. Channel 4 is at the scene in Mae Sai, and they’ve been to Wales to find out what kind of people elite cave rescuers are.



  1. We should really get together and say Tehillim for the safe return of these boys. Lets show HKB”H that we don’t only worry for our children; We care and worry about every decent human being alike.
    We don’t care about world opinion (no bragging and no ‘grand Kiddush Hashem proclamations’), we just care that HKB”H should have Nachas Ruach from our behavior to our fellow human being.


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