100 Million More Could Lose Insurance Under Obamacare

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health-insurance-obama-careAs many as 100 million Americans could lose their health insurance through their employers next fall because the plans do not meet the standards of Obamacare, a study released on Wednesday by the American Enterprise Institute estimated.

Affecting mostly employees of small businesses, these cancellations would be in addition to the nearly five million Americans who have already lost their coverage since Obamacare’s individual mandate took effect on Oct. 1, Fox News reports.

“The impact I’m mostly worried about is on small, young, entrepreneurial firms that will suddenly face much higher health insurance premiums if they want to offer health insurance to their employees,” AEI resident scholar Stan Veuger told Fox. “I think for a lot of other businesses . . . they can just send their employees to the exchanges or offer them a fixed subsidy every month to buy health insurance themselves.”

According to an analysis of estimates by the Obama administration by the conservative think tank, employees at half to two-thirds of the nation’s small companies could lose their healthcare plans, and the cancellations would fall just before next year’s congressional elections.

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  1. B”H I can’t lose my health insurance – because I don’t have any! Ha Ha.
    I get to keep my doctor because I pay in cash and I only use a holistic doctor.

  2. Well, Obama and the Democrats do not meet the standards of the American people. Its time to drop Obama’s Democrats in 2014 as well!

  3. The hidden agenda behind ObamaCare was the president’s desire to reward his long-time friend, the founding chairman of Aetna Insurance. Aetna, a major player in life insurance, could not successfully compete with Blue Cross and United HealthCare, who monopolize health insurance. By forcing Americans to buy health insurance and encouraging Blue Cross and United to drop many customers, Obama has set up a windfall for Aetna.

  4. All we need is for another 250 million to lose theirs and then doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals might just charge realistic rates.

  5. This is ridiculous. Most employer-based policies only need minor tweaks to meet ACA standards. But the TeaPublicans will do anything to terrify Americans.

    Many employers WILL direct their employees to sign up with the ACA exchanges because the policies offer more coverage for less money. It is less expensive to sell through the exchanges because there are essentially no marketing expenses, and underwriting expenses are lower. I can’t see why reducing the structural costs of insurance is a bad idea.

  6. Dr. Hall, can I counter with another talking point? Do you believe that all the new policies are better coverage with the same choice?


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