12-Year-Old Connecticut Boy Brutally Beaten by Classmate Yelling ‘Kill the Jew’

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A 12-year-old Jewish boy from New Haven, Connecticut was beaten up by a classmate in what his mother called an antisemitic attack, local TV news station WTNH 8 reported this week.

In the televised report, the boy’s mother, Orit Avizov, said her son was “physically attacked and verbally threatened” by a classmate at the Walsh Intermediate School. According to Avizov, the assailant yelled “kill the Jew,” while slamming her son’s head into a locker; knocking him to the ground; and kicking and punching him in the stomach and ribs.

Avizov recounted: “He was afraid. He was humiliated…He was like, ‘Mommy, I don’t want to go [to school],’ and I said, ‘You are going. You are going to be strong[er] than this. We are going to beat this.’” She said she blames the school administration for not doing more to prevent such incidents.

Avizov is part of a coalition of parents from Walsh Intermediate who last week brought the issue of bullying at the school to the attention of the Board of Education. Her son’s attack — which, according to news site Branford Seven, took place in January –– is one among many of such incidents now coming to light.

Branford Seven reported that the perpetrator of the attack in question has a history of physically and verbally assaulting other children. He is a student at Walsh Intermediate under the “Open Choice” program, which buses inner-city kids to suburban public schools. Though the school has labeled the attack a bullying incident, Avizov and other parents, the report said, want the Board of Education to define it as a hate crime.

Walsh officials released a statement on Monday that did not address Avizov’s son’s attack specifically, saying only that the school district does not tolerate bullying.

“Branford Public Schools is committed to ensuring each school maintains a safe environment for all students,” said Branford Superintendent of Schools Hamlet Hernandez. “The district strongly condemns inappropriate behavior toward any student, including bullying, violence and racial attacks. All claims of misconduct or prohibited behavior are investigated and addressed in a timely, thorough and judicious manner by the administration.”

Hernandez said any potential disciplinary action against the assailant will be taken by the school district, and will remain confidential under federal law.

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  1. Is the kid really Jewis? Second he should be in yeshivasha, squaly the parents are culpable for this narishkeit.

    • Please examine the world or keep your insular comments to yourself . Its like you know nothing of the world. Go back to the beis medresh! First things first the parents are probably not religious. Second even if they were a lot of kids arent accepted to yeshivas.

  2. Until he was 9 years old, Rav Chaim Pinchas Schenberg attended public school. One fine day, an Italian kid punched him and threw him down the stairs. His mother wouldn’t let him return to public school, and enrolled him into RJJ. This is part of what gave him the opportunity to become who he became.

  3. The delicious darling inner-city kids were vilde chayos when I was in a middle-class elementary school, victimized by busing and forced integration in the 1970’s. Nothing changes.


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