Watch: Father Furious When Daughter Gets Anti-Trump Assignment

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A NY father questions his 11-year-old daughter’s homework assignment when politics is injected. Is this a case of school indoctrination or parental overreaction?




  1. The father is 100% correct (just as he would be by objecting to a pro-Trump assignment paper), but this type of garbage has been going on in all levels of school (elementary, high school, college) forever.

    • We have no way of knowing what this father’s reaction would be, but IMO equally objectionable. The type of assignment that’s OK to give is where the student is free to voice their own opinion about a contentions issue without any repercussion, whether he loves, hates or has mixed feelings about a particular person or subject.

  2. I’m confused.
    do Pro Trump people not think he speaks in an insulting way?
    Do they not beleive Obama was the first African American president

    I get they Trump supporters are less bright than average but to that extent?

    • Condescension 101: Know and understand your subject matter.
      a) The issue for many isn’t that they’re Trump supporters, it’s that this type of politics isn’t appropriate for school kids.
      b) There was no objection to the “Obama” question (nor should there have been one).

      Condescension 102: Do it right.
      A post trumpeting one’s own intelligence while denigrating others’ is nothing but a complete farce when that same post is filled with misspellings and typos.

      Misplaced or not, gotta love that arrogance! 🙂


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