26-Year-Old In Israel Dies From Coronavirus Complications After Developing Kawasaki Like Symptoms


26-year-old Oshri Asulin from Kfar Saba died on Sunday evening at Sheba Hospital from complications caused by COVID-19, after having already recovered from the virus.


Channel 12 News reported that Asulin arrived at Tel Hashomer Hospital suffering from strong abdominal pain and fever. He underwent a coronavirus test which came back positive, following which his condition deteriorated quickly and he developed a heart condition that has been reported in a small number of cases of children who also caught the virus.

Asulin had been hospitalized for about two months before his death. His funeral was scheduled for Sunday night.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Since corona is a general term for all sickness and for every death, did he die from a stomach ache?

    • He died from negligence in the hospital as his parents revealed. He was never even tested for coronavirus. See article 12:27 below.

  2. Everybody since Jan 2020 died from coronavirus so that no one should know that the elite criminals (including politicians, doctors, professors, priests, etc) were executed; hence hundreds of thousands that died.

  3. It might be worth noting that Oshri’s father insists that his son didn’t die from Covid-19. He said that for days before coming to the hospital he and his wife were literally by Oshri’s side constantly and they didn’t get sick. He’s convinced that his son didn’t die from Corona and that the hospital simply messed up royally in treating his son.
    And I suspect that this is far more common than anyone wants to consider.

    • It might be a training hospital like Hadassah in Yerushalayim, Elmhurst in NY, Maimonides where patients are disposables.

  4. ‘Our son never had coronavirus, hospital is covering up its mistakes’
    Parents of 26-year-old who died Sunday reject hospital’s claim he died of complications from coronavirus. ‘He was never infected.’


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