57% Of Israelis Have Smartphones, Beating US, Europe


 iphoneIsrael leads Europe and US in smartphone use, according to a Google survey published today. Israelis use the Internet more by smartphone (93%), use search engines more (86%), use more applications (84%), use maps and update social networks (82%). The viewing of video clips and YouTube is also high – 77%, and the percentage of Israelis who watch full programs online is 48%.

The figures appear in the annual Google and Ipsos MediaCT survey, which examines habits of smartphone use worldwide. This is the third straight year in which the Our Mobile Planet survey, which covers scores of countries, mapping the frequency of smartphone use, market penetration rates, and the range of uses of smartphones by users, has been conducted in Israel.

The results for Israel show that, even though smartphones entered the Israeli market late, only in 2009 (compared with the worldwide launch in 2007), this has not prevented Israelis from bypassing the world’s big countries when it comes to their smartphones.

In 2012, the smartphone penetration rate in Israel was 35%, less than in major European countries. But a year later, the data show a sharp increase in the number of users. This year, 57% of Israelis have a smartphone, 22% more than in 2012. In Germany, 40% of people have a smartphone, in France, 42%, and in Spain, 55%, close to the proportion in Israel.

Source: GLOBES

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. israel has a much younger population also developing countrys have higher percentages of smart phones as they give these less privlaged exposure to the world outside the % in Israel would be higher if not for charadies


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