6 People Shot and Killed in Michigan

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Eight people were shot and six were killed last night in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The suspect has been identified as Jason Brian Dalton, who shot people in three separate incidents. The motive is unclear at this time.

The first shooting took place around 6 p.m. where a woman, with her three children, was shot four times.

Two other shootings, which appear to be related, happened later in the night as Dalton allegedly drove around looking for targets. Read more at CNN.



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  2. Oh please. We all could have been waiting in the parking lot of a restaurant or in front of the apartment building or perhaps checking out a vehicle at the car dealership. And while the sicko looks like a caucasian male, we truly have no idea whether he is racist or he isn’t (being racist is despicable but a very far cry from shooting at random people), we don’t know his political affiliation, and we do not even know if he got the gun legally. We do know that, while he may have had no criminal record, he is nothing like law-abiding according to every conceivable meaning of the word. Nor did he get the gun for any of the reasons that the United States constitution sought to protect. This person might not even be a criminal, perhaps he has been overwhelmed by mental health issues to a point he is unfit to trial, but in any event he should not have had a gun. For everyone’s sake, including his own.


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