$7,000 Found At Cleaners


During the pre-Pesach rush, workers at Rubin Laundry in Bnei Brak found $7,000 left in a suit dropped there for cleaning by one of the town’s businessmen.

Employee Nachman Eisenberg noted that even bigger sums have been forgotten there in the past. He said he was always delighted at the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of hashovas aveidah.

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. what a beautiful commentary on yidden. would i be out of order to say that not only can we say “mi ke-amcha yisroel?” after reading this story, but more accurately “mi ke-amcha yisroel ha-shomrei Torah umitzvos”? who other than shomrei Torah umitzvos would be concerned about “hashavas aveida”?

    • Your lightbulb has gotten dim – if you like non Jews so much, why don’t you join them? Will you still sing the same song after you’ll get robbed and cheated by goyim, or will you just stick your head deeper in the sand?


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