7th-Graders to Write Entire Tanach in One Day for First Time in History


israeli-studentsTomorrow, the day before Erev Shavuos, over 23,000 seventh-graders in Israel will take part in writing an entire Torah. As far as can be ascertained, it will be the first time that the entire Tanach will be written in one day. Each of the participating schools throughout the country will be assigned a perek, and each child above bar or batmitzvah age (12 for girls, 13 for boys) will write a verse on a special page.

The principal of the school will inscribe the perek‘s last posuk in a school-wide ceremony. The pages will be gathered and collected into one volume at a later date, and the unique edition of the Torah will be put on display in the Bible Museum in Adulam, near Yerushalayim.

A separate ceremony will be held at the same time at the Education Ministry, where Education Minister Gideon Saar will write the last posuk of Tanach.

{Arutz Sheva/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. and what benifit to yiddishkeit is this? Why not take all 7th graders and learn parshas Nosoi, the portion of the week.

  2. What value does all this have. They make a special system to it, that only Bar or Bat Mizva children can write it. Why can’t a 10 year old write it. Its worthless dribble that some principle can up with. It has zero intrinsic value to yiddishkeit.

  3. To #1 and #2: Aderabbah- it is of immense benefit to the paricipants. Although the article dosen’s say, it is probably the students of the Mamalachti (Government) schools. It will connect for them the Yom Tov of Shavout to Matan Torah- because unfortunatly it has been secularized to being an agraian holiday when one eats dairy. Zero connection to the Torah and Maamad Har Sinai. It will be of greater value if it becomes an annual event for seventh graders.

  4. It’s really sad to see such comments like those above – The value in it is that it has meaning to those who write and participate in it and to commemorate the Tanach on the anniversary of the giving of the Torah and to accomplish something that can only be created through unity. It is sad to think that all you believe is that nothing has any value to Yiddishkeit other than your limited purview of reading a few words of Tanach.

  5. wow i feel a lot of negativity coming from the commenters maybe they should burn a grbage can to vent some of that

  6. Disagree with the above, strongly. They’re not writing a newspaper article. They’re writing the entire Tanach—the TANACH, get it? The 24 books of the TORAH, get it? Do you not understand what they’re doing? THEY’RE WRITING THE ENTIRE TORAH IN ONE DAY. This is not “worthless dribble.” It does NOT fall into the category, chas v’shalom, of “zero intrinsic value to yiddishkeit [sic].” “Zero intrinsic value to Yiddishkeit” are your nasty thoughts and comments. These young men and women must be commended for their interest and efforts.

    Imagine if charedi boys learned all Tanach in one day? Oy, there’s be a parade! And a siyum! And the gedolim would speak about how Torah is being saved in klal Yisroel—and they’d be right. SAME THING HERE. The fact that these are not charedi children ought not serve to lessen their efforts in your eyes, but it does, since you’re brainwashed to snipe and criticize ANYTHING not from your “camp.” TOO BAD. It’s wonderful, I applaud it, and kein yirbu, AMEN!

  7. well said joe and shmuel.

    theres an issue of doing things because of chinuchi reasons. maybe instead of having blind hatred you can use this as a wake up call that theres much torah being learned and taught in medinat yisrael.


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