9 Injured, 1 Arrested After Refugee Goes On Stabbing Rampage In Idaho, Police Say

Timmy Earl Kinner. MUST CREDIT: Ada County Sheriff's Office
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Nine people, including some refugees and children, have been injured after a man went on a stabbing rampage at an Idaho apartment complex, according to Boise, Idaho, police.

Police said they responded to a call shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday, local time, about a knife-wielding man at an apartment complex. Within five minutes, officers arrived and took a suspect into custody, police said.

Police found nine victims – inside and outside the apartments – and rendered first aid. All were taken to a hospital, police said, and at least four had life-threatening injuries.

Among the victims were members of Boise’s refugee community, and six of the nine victims were children, police said.

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  1. You see. Trump, with his racist policies, is causing these evil people to go out and harm immigrants & refugees. Trump should resign immediately.

  2. What we need is common sense knife laws. If there would be no knives there would be no stabbings. And knives may not necessarily be protected by the 2nd ammendment. And neither would forks or spoons incidentally. How many times must we hear about stabbings without dealing with the root of the problem and outlawing knives altogether or at least have some time for the house appliance stores to do background checks before selling knives to people who are not necessarily sane.
    I was thinking if we could see if they voted democrat or republican we could very well have a serious indication as to whether the person is sane or not; anyone who votes democrat or would consider doing so, would be legally rendered insane thus disallowing him from purchasing guns, knives, trucks and obviously from voting. Such a law may actually save the country.

  3. Where are the Liberals? They need to take to the streets en masses to ban knives as it can stab people and ban trucks because it runs into people and ban pressure cookers because it can explode into people.

  4. And who exactly in a world gone insane with Political correctness – is
    qualified to determine who is Sane:(


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