A Day Without the Agudah

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The Agudah is Vital to You…You are Vital to the Agudah

Agudas Yisroel of America.

Many of us think of the Agudah as a klal organization, and indeed, it is one. It is vital to our community as a whole.

But it is also so vital to the yochid, the individual.

From the moment we wake up until we retire at the end of the day, the programs, efforts and influence of the Agudah impact us in numerous ways.

In the morning, Totty awakens and goes to learn at a Daf Yomi shiur – a shiur whose formation and growth were due to the Agudah’s efforts through the Daf Yomi Commission and the Siyum HaShas.

A short while later, the children head off to school, riding school busses whose funding was arranged thanks to the efforts of Agudah askanim.

When the children arrive at school, their safety is ensured by a security guard, whose presence was made possible through the efforts of the Agudah to lobby for the protection of our most precious assets, our tinokos shel bais rabbon.

In a state in which tuition vouchers are offered, the cost of sending a child to a yeshiva is significantly reduced, thanked to lobbying of Agudah activists on behalf of private school parents.

In school, curriculums are designed in accordance with Torah hashkafah, unadulterated by interventions from those looking to legislate what must be taught to children, thanks to the Agudah’s efforts to prevail upon the people in the halls of power to allow Jewish schools the freedom to teach our children without compromising on our principles.

Also at school, the children are treated to a hot, nourishing meal thanks to the lunch program facilitated by Agudas Yisroel’s efforts.

Children who need therapy can receive the services vital to their wellbeing thanks to funding procured by the Agudah.

Remedial help in math, reading and other subjects is provided as well, thanks to the dedicated Agudah askanim who work to ensure that these forms of assistance are available.

The father heads off to work, a job he got thanks to Agudah’s Cope Institute, which is devoted to improving the parnassah realities of frum mishpachos.

The mother, who runs a small business, just received a crucial PPP loan with the guidance and advice of the Agudah to help her cover her expenses and grow her enterprise.

The family has a mortgage to pay, but no worries, because they’ve received mortgage assistance courtesy of the Southern Brooklyn Community Organization (SBCO), a division of the Agudah that offers workshops and advice on housing matters.

Bubby is unfortunately in the hospital. The family is concerned about her care there. Can she be brought home? What is the proper course of action? The rabbonim and experts at Agudah’s Chayim Aruchim organization are available to guide, advise, encourage and comfort a family during such a trying and stressful time.

At night, after the boys have returned home from yeshiva, the Agudah’s influence continues to be felt, as the boys take part in the Masmidei HaSiyum initiative, calling into the ever-popular Masmidei HaSiyum hotline to learn, earn points, and receive prizes, making a boy’s night productive and fulfilling.

Is it Erev Yom Tov already? No worries! No need to move your car for alternate side parking, because the Agudah has arranged with officials to have those regulations suspended for Jewish holidays.

Erev Pesach? You got it. Whether it’s a garbage pickup or a chometz burning site, the Agudah has ensured that you’re covered.

These are all just examples – real-life, practical examples – of how far-reaching and all-encompassing the work of the Agudah is.

And there’s so much more.

There’s the work that many of us know about, such as the items listed above, and then there are the behind-the-scenes shatdlanus and undertakings that most people are not privy to.

It’s incredible how extensive and comprehensive the Agudah’s impact reaches.

Can you imagine for a moment what just one day would look like without the Agudah?

It’s hard to fathom.

It’s amazing to consider just how vital the Agudah is to us all.

But the Agudah can’t do it alone.

We are vital. Our involvement is vital.

The Agudah is counting on us. Let’s each become a partner with the Agudah, helping Klal Yisroel, one day, and one person, at a time.



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