JPMorgan: Investors Should Prepare for Rising Odds of Trump Win

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Investors should position for the rising odds of President Donald Trump winning re-election, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Betting odds that earlier had Trump well behind challenger Joe Biden are now nearly even — largely due to the impact on public opinion of violence around protests, as well as potential bias in polls, said strategist Marko Kolanovic.

Based on past research, there could be a shift of five to 10 points in polls from Democrats to Republicans if the perception of protests turns from peaceful to violent, he said. People giving inaccurate answers could artificially skew polls in favor of Biden by 5%-6%, he added.

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  1. Can’t you sheeple see that the name corona is like coroner?! That’s because it is just a smoke screen for the coroners to finish off these guys. Like duh. But you sheeple insist on sticking to logic and refuse to embrace our Qanon conspiracy theories. Due so at your own peril. Conspiracy theories are really good but the media and deep state ridicule people who believe in conspiracy theory truths to intimidate them. But the cat is out of the bag. Or should I say the unicorn, because unicorns are real but the media does not want you to know that. Because that proves that there are many many things that are going in this world that are hidden from you sheeple. Like that fact that the evil CDC has already inserted micro tracking chips into the nostrils of millions of sheeple world wide who have gone to get a coroney-baloney test. These chips are also equipped with state of the art mind reading and controlling technology. It is not a coincidence that suddenly some of the deep state leaders (Jeff Bezos as well as leaders from Apple) have announced recently that they now have the technology to create mind interactive micro chips. And it is part of a deep state plot to turn the tables on the plandemic and start controlling the world. They are going to start with the 2020 elections. Mark my words: anyone who has taken a coroney-baloney test will not vote for Trump. And you sheeple will think this is a coincidence. No it is not. It is because the deep state is controlling the minds of these sheeple

  2. Again the disgusting media.
    They make the news of Trump’s imminent landslide victory sound like a disaster waiting to happen.
    Prepare for this eventuality they say. As if it was bad news.
    The people of the USA are not as dumb as the media – they will vote Trump in for s second term because they want law and order, and to MAGA.
    Dump the Democraps and watch Trump in action. Can’t wait.

  3. Thank you President Trump for the unbelievable rise in all of the 3 major markets. My portfolio is near an all time high.


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