A letter from Mrs. Sara Gutnick regarding her precious son of Blessed Memory


Dear Fellow Yidden,

I lost my precious Mendel on Lag B’omer.

Mendel was a true Mentch who had a heart of gold. He has a sincere and pure soul. When he would meet you, his face would light up with his beautiful smile. Mendel always showed true gratefulness and appreciation. He was very generous and loved to give. He was very sensitive and had keen insight to the pain of others. When you spoke to him, he truly listened. Mendel wanted everyone to be happy and would do what he could, to bring peace. Those who were lucky to know him, knew that Mendel shined in his exemplary middos and Ahavas Yisroel.

I feel the connection of Mendel’s passing on Lag B’omer, the very day we celebrate the Rashbi and his tremendous Ahavas Yisroel, as a testament to Mendel’s passion and caring of another Yid.

As we just marked his Shloshim, I want to ensure that his Neshoma continues to live through Torah, I need this closure and your help to write a Sefer Torah for our precious Mendel, written in his memory.

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Thank you very very much. May we only have Simchos and Moshiach NOW!!

Dear Friends,

It’s so hard to process that Mendel Gutnick – such a precious Neshomo – is not with us physically anymore. Mendel’s smile could light up a dark room. His love for Torah would inspire those he shared it with. Below is a letter from his mother, a beloved teacher in the LA community – in which she expresses her dream of writing a Sefer Torah in honor of Mendel and the immense comfort it will bring her.

In the Merit of your kind Tzedaka may you and your family be guarded and protected, now and for the future and may we merit to greet Moshiach very soon where Hashem will wipe away our tears forever and we will rejoice with Mendel all our loved ones in the Bais Hamikdash, very soon.

Thank you with all my heart for helping.

Zvi Boyarsky

The Aleph Institute


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