A Word from the Miracle Torah Organizers



Dear Friends,

We are writing with uplifting news, and with a request.

You, together with 160,986 fellow Jewish men, women, and children, have acquired a letter in the Miracle Sefer Torah. This has been an unprecedented outpouring of soulful unity that the world sorely needs right now.

But the Jewish people need more, the world needs more. Every Jew that includes themselves in this sacred scroll is one more Jew tethered to his or her people. And as long as we do not invite every Jew to participate, our unity is incomplete.

Click here to secure your letters

So please do the kindness of inviting your friend, family member, or co-worker into this monumental project by sending them this link. Let Hashem see the harmonious unity of His people, and let Him be moved to act miraculously for the world.

With blessings for a Kosher, happy, and healthy Pesach, and with prayers for the immediate healing and redemption of our world,

Berel Junik
Shloimy Greenwald
Zalmy Cohen



  1. Wow, great to get an update of this Crown Heights community initiative on the Rebbe’s 118th birthday today, יא ניסן.

    Moshiach now!

    P.S. The money raised will go to which Hatzalah? Crown Heights I assume?

  2. According to the video, as soon as the first columns of the ‘miracle Torah’ in the time of the BESHT were prepared in Medzibyzh, the plague stopped.

    In the case however, it was started a while ago already, but the plague marches on yet.


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