Watch: Hartzig Medley with Shmily Morgenstern! An Ephraim Berkowitz Production


Shmily Morgenstern is back with another inspiring Medley! After the tremendous success of his last video, Shmily got together with Keybaordist Ephraim Berkowitz to bring you this soul-stirring Medley.

#ShmilyMorgenstern is a well-known wedding singer on the Jewish Music scene. Shmily has always been known as a versatile singer! From a rocking dance set at a wedding to slow #Kumzitz style event, you can be sure Shmily will have the crowd locked in and connected. After the tremendous success of his last video, it can only be expected that this Medley will touch your soul!

Music conducted by: #EphraimBerkowitz
Keyboard: Ephraim Berkowitz
Flute: Yidel Friedmann
Percussion: Isaac Bernath
Guitar: Yumi Sebbag
Video: Motty Engel
Video Editing: Studio on Dot
Audio Mix: Heshy Pavel
Live Sound Engineer: Lazer Berkowitz

Lechtele – Cheskie Weisz / Beri Weber
Nafshi – Ishay Ribo / Motty Steinmetz
R’ Shaya Ben Reb Moshe – Shmishi Neuman
Abba – Bentzy Stein / Avraham Fried
Ani Maamin – Yehuda Green

To book Shmily Morgenstern, contact him at: (347) 528-8509 or by email at



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